Alizey Jack

629-601 County Rte 602, Clifton, NJ 07012, USA Útvonal


What an absolutely incredible experience using clever. They connected me with the best real estate agent I could have ever asked for. My house went under contract before it even listed. The clever team stayed in touch with me through the entire process and kept checking in and I saved 1.5% in my sellers closing!!!! Way to go clever!!


Felsőpakony, Pest megye,eladó családi ház

Ft 69,900,000
Ágyak 5
Fürdőszoba 2
Méret 160 m²

Felsőpakony, Pest megye, eladó sorház

Ft 35,500,000
Ágyak 1
Fürdőszoba 1
Méret 88 m²

Felsőpakony, Pest megye, eladó családi ház

Ft 71,900,000
Fürdőszoba 2
Méret 140 m²

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